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Cedar Ridge Winery

After 5 years of individual effort, Cedar Ridge Winery was born in 1994 as a trio of amateur winemakers in the Boeing Wine Club. In 2004, the winery grew into a one-man commercial operation located in the basement of my Snohomish home.

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Blend - Bordeaux Style Red
Blend - Other Red
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Late Harvest/Dessert/Ice Wine
Muscat Noir
Pinot Noir

There are currently no wines listed for this winery.
Wines available during the summer months at the Edmonds, Mukilteo and Snohomish Farmers Markets. Wines are available all year long, and often open for tasting at: Le Gourmet Depot 110 Cedar Street, Snohomish 360-217-7145 "If the order is big enough, I will delivery anywhere!"
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Our Story


At Cedar Ridge, winemaking is a minimalist proposition. I listen to the grapes and help them become the wine they want to be: sulfites are used but only in small amounts. Purchased directly from the growers, the crushed grapes are allowed to cold soak prior to fermentation and oak aging at the winery; the finished wine is bottled when needed, typically 2 to 3 years later. This process results in a full bodied wine with great texture and mouth feel – ready to drink now or lay down for a few years.

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